Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Winter Time

Time for a quick update from the farm as so many things have been happening even as we move deeper into this strange wet and mostly mild winter. Our lovely flock of ewes have been joined by a handsome Border Leceister ram named Franklin and four dainty and quite pregnant Shetland ewes so we can look forward to more lustrous fleece of different colours and curls in the spring. We can also look forward to some lambs, some of whom are set to arrive as early as March and others will more wisely wait until April or even May to make their appearance. A few of our CSA members have already told us about their interest in our lambs and we will likely take orders for meat in the late Spring though we won't be delivering before the end of October.

Franklin is always curious and wants to get up close and personal

The dainty Shetlands have a sweet way of greeting by lifting their front hoof and waving.

These sheep all came from a farm in PEI owned by Lorna McMaster and her husband Brian. At Pembroke Farm the two of them raise their lovely sheep and train and teach dog herding with their  border collies. Sadie the border collie is considering a move to Watershed Farm. 

Sadie has very expressive eyes and lovely temperament.

Last week Watershed Farm was honoured at a Turkey Dinner by The Ark/Lunenburg County Association for the Specially Challenged. The Community Partner Appreciation Award was given to us in recognition of our contributions of food to their wonderful Cooking Program. Two of the participants wrote this speech and presented the award to me.... it was a great honour. 

"For the past three years Watershed Farm has donated a fabulous variety of organic vegetables, fruit and herbs to The Ark and the Cooking Program.

These donations have been delivered with a smiling face each week, sometimes even twice a week, during the growing season.

And we sure have enjoyed them. The Cooking Program has created all kinds of interesting meals, and clients have tasted veggies like edmame beans, multi-coloured carrots and kale for the first time in their lives.

Many clients have also taken veggies home to prepare themselves, making meals like stir-fry and curry. Even the pets got to enjoy the food with the carrot greens going home to my hamster.

We are very pleased and grateful to be able to present this Community Partner Appreciation Award to you, Camelia Frieberg and your wonderful Watershed Farm.

Thank you from all of us and we wish you a good growing season for the new year coming."

Here's Caroline who helped write the speech and presented the award.

We are looking forward to welcoming our new farm managers in the New Year. Rob and Claire and their baby Holly will be bringing a great deal of experience and enthusiasm to their work here at the farm and we are certainly keen to work together so as to expand on all of the various ways that Watershed Farm can continue to grow and become ever more bountiful. Speaking of which... our soil analysis tests are in and we will soon start working with Viliam Zvalo and Av Singh on our Nutrient Management Plan. This is a detailed and specific approach to addressing the fertility needs of our soil in order to help us grow the most nutrient dense, healthy food possible. As always, we will be addressing all of our farm needs using organic and biodynamic practices. 

Stay warm and dry and enjoy the Holiday Season.