Saturday, November 17, 2012

Goodbye Watershed!

Hello all you Watershed fans!

In my last blog post, I wanted to share some photos of what's been going on at the farm lately.  Our dear kittens, who started out as little walnut-sized bumps we felt in Mel's belly in late March, are now 7 months old and the friendliest, sweetest kitties I've ever seen.  Here they are demonstrating a winter use for row cover, one of our greatest pest control tools in the field:
Motley, Ginja, and Buddy

Life is tough when you're a spoiled brat!

The sweetest carrots of the season!
The sheep have been reduced to a flock of just gals, after Yoda met his maker halaal-style a week ago.  We are in the process of putting up a winter paddock for them, but they are still enjoying the pasture in the meantime!
Flicker, Toots, Petunia, Sonya, Lola, and Rita (and Robin behind).  A flock of good-lookin' gals!

Somebody's been sleeping in MY bed... and he's still here!
We're attending the Lunenburg (Lunenburg Community Centre, Thurs. 8:30-12:30) and Waldorf (Waldorf School, Blockhouse Sat. 10-1) markets each week.  The new greenhouse has a bumper crop of greens and we're still harvesting rutabaga, carrots, beets, salad, broccoli, herbs, chard, sunchokes, radishes, and microgreens.
Market table full of delicious treats!

Jon and I enjoy a vacation to Cape Breton following the last CSA delivery, October 2012.

And finally, I'd like to say some Thank You's: to Camelia, for offering us this opportunity on Watershed this year; to Lisa for her steadfast hard work and good humour; to all of our CSA members, who will always be fondly remembered; to our work shares Anna, Kyle, Tammy, and especially Susan, who helped us find joy around us again when we needed it; to Joe who shared lots of laughs, tips, and steaks; to all of our excellent WWOOFers: John, Alex, Zoe, Alex II, Samia, Loic, Manon, and Marguerite; to our friend James who lifted our spirits and did more than his share of work, as well as helping us take some time off to enjoy the scenery; to Judy and Gord who gave Lisa a holiday and all of us a hearty pat on the back; to my Mom and Dad, who put up with it; to all of our customers at the markets, who made it all worth it; to Thomas who helped us get started; to Melissa who can always be counted on; to our mentors Bruce (grapes), Jack (sheep), Alyson, Cindy, and David (farming and life in general); to many, many, many people for all the encouragement; and to you, for reading this blog and caring about Watershed Farm!

Jon and I will miss the South Shore, but our farming journey continues in the Valley.  Thank you, each and every great person we have met this year!


  1. It was a pleasure meeting you and Jon, we'll miss your energy and smiling faces. The best of luck to you on your journey.
    Edward & Mary

  2. Yes, best of luck! It was a pleasure having you at the Bridgewater Farmers' Market each week! ~Mary