Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Runner Duck Gang!

 The ducks did something so funny today I decided it was well overdue for them to get their own blog post!
First, let me introduce them.  We realized the other day that they don't have names, which is a shame, as we can only name a limited number of animals on the farm: the cat has a name, Jon's favourite chicken has a name, the sheep have names- to put it bluntly, we only name animals we aren't going to eat!  Regardless of if they have names or not, we all love the ducks.  I love them less at 6 am, as their house, "Duckingham Palace" butts up to my side of the bed outside our cabin, and they seem to be at their rowdiest every morning at 6 am.  However, preferable to an alarm clock any day!

When I was first introduced to them, Camelia said: "There used to be seven of them, and I always said 'seven bodies, one brain', but now that there's only four, I'm not entirely confident that they have gained any brain power!".  It's true, watching them, they go EVERYWHERE together.  The breed is Indian Runner, and they run around like armless, bow-legged things, but you can't keep your eyes off them once they're in motion!  (To the point that Thomas called out "Ducks running!" in the middle of supper the other night and we all dropped our forks to get up and look out the window.  They're that hilarious!)

We've recently been getting a duck egg every morning, which is a delight as they are delicious!  Then, all of a sudden, four days ago, they just stopped.  This morning, as Jon and I did chores, I saw the three males and no female.  I called out "Duck missing!" and as he came around the corner, the female waddled out of the bushes.  This is what we found:
Her nest!

Unfortunately, she's fighting a losing battle, as they have learned to dutifully retire to Buckingham Palace every night to be safe from predators.  Fortunately, we also have a broody hen, happy to sit on eggs, so we gave her a private spot in the barn and she is now sitting on a number of assorted eggs, four of them duck eggs.  It's been three weeks, so I'll keep you posted as to what happens!

We may be less enthralled with the ducks once the garden is planted, so maybe we'll wait on naming them for a while yet!

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  1. That's too funny! Look forward to seeing what hatches!