Thursday, April 19, 2012

What's growing on at Watershed Farm!

We had some lawn that was looking a bit long this morning, so the hens are converting it to eggs as we speak!
These are the last quiet vestiges of winter, before the buds explode on the trees and our entire world changes!  It's shocking to see how fast everything is starting to happen at this time of year, with the soil warming up and the days getting longer and longer. 

Our peas are up about an inch, the asparagus just poked its' head out this morning, and the taste of rhubarb is so close my mouth is watering in anticipation!  The buds on the trees are starting to unfurl, and since Jon and I visited in December and arrived to stay at the end of February, we've never seen this place at its full glory: we are anxious to see the changes that spring will bring.  It may mean longer days in the fields for us, and the beginning of a very busy growing season, but this is what we wait for all winter, and it's truly the most gratifying work there is. 

Our lambs are getting bigger and more adept every day: I can no longer pick them up unless I make a concerted effort to tackle them!  Robin is due in just over a week, and though we sheared everyone else last week, she still has her fleece and looks HUGE compared to everyone else, wooly and pregnant as she is. 

We also set up our irrigation lines a couple of days ago, gave the greenhouse a vigourous watering, and could pretty much see the plants growing!  It's exciting that we planted something and it grew: not that we had any doubt, of course, but exciting just the same!  Now we enjoy salads every day!

 The sunflowers popped out this morning, too.  We're growing about 8 different varieties, and I'm experimenting with direct seeding in the greenhouse, transplanting in the tunnel, transplanting outside, and direct seeding outside- since I've heard different things everywhere I look.  Jon's favourite are the "Teddy Bear" and mine are called "Ring of Fire".  Some tulips are blooming, and my absolute favourite, daffodils, are all over the place. 

New caterpillar tunnel, waiting for a still morning to put on the plastic

Our transplant room, always full to the top!

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